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Salon International – May 2021

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Since March 2020, India has been fighting Covid-19 tooth and nail. From lockdowns to lock opens, we have tried everything, but the virus is in no hurry to leave it seems. Even after a year, human beings across the world continue to battle it! Industries and businesses have again come to a grinding halt and there are crores-worth of losses taking place. As one celebrity has succinctly said – ‘When there is life, there is hope’. Without life, hope does not stand a chance.

On cue, we present the status of the skin care business in the time of the pandemic. Research and Markets released their India Skin Care Market Report 2021 where they have revealed that the skin care market size is expected to reach a value of Rs 191.09 billion by 2025. Rise in the incidence of skin diseases thanks to the ongoing pandemic and improved awareness regarding skin health among people are a few of the significant factors that are propelling market growth. Stakeholders in the business of skin care such as brands, dermatologists and salons share their views and goals for the year ahead. There are insights on maskne, innovative facials and skin care products especially created to fight skin trouble thanks to masks.

In the Hair section, we showcase Javier Gomar who is an artist par excellence. He got into the business when he was 17 and did you know he was a salon owner by 22? Read about this skilled artist’s life-changing conversation with a friend and how he decided to launch himself without any support. Manuel Mon, a super talented hair artist presents the Olímpia collection. It is a mesmerising photo essay inspired by sporty women who have a fresh and laid-back style. On the homefront, we have Dr Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist & Dermato-Surgeon at The Esthetic Clinics, share insights on the side effect of hair loss after Covid-19. Florian Hurel, Brand Ambassador, Schwarzkopf Professional has curated three exclusive trendy and stunning lightened hair looks for the season. Meet Brij Kishore who with 11 years of experience in hairdressing, today is the Creative Director at The Grooming Co. (TGC). He re? ects on his early days, learnings from the pandemic and plans ahead.

In the Beauty section, Divya Jaitly, an independent make-up artist, was encouraged by her mother to take up make-up artistry. She shares the initials years and future plans with us. The Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in collaboration with Flipkart, have launched the Italian Mall for a wide range of authentic ‘Made in Italy’ products. Breathtaking and dramatic, smokey eye make-up is a true classic that turns your eyes into highlights. Dr Deepali Bhardwaj, Dermatologist, shares her views on the process of Butt Rejuvenation.

In Spa Focus, we share therapies from the exotic Mandara Spa onborad the Norwegian Cruise Line. Dr Samudrika Patil, CEO of Vedicure Healthcare and Wellness LLP, shares her views on wellness. Hope springs eternal and I am certain that soon we all will be back to business. Like us on our social media handles – @ saloninternationalindia on FB, @saloninternational_ind on Instagra