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Salon International – June 2019

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The beauty and wellness industry is at a glorious level, today, with an abundance of services and products being freely available in the market. From customisation done by harnessing Artficial Intelligence to innovative therapies being offered at salons, spas, as well as derma centres, making a choice has now become a task.

In this issue, we take a peak into the world of aesthetics and dermatology. We realised that it is no more only about reversing the signs of ageing or hiding them with make-up, instead the current dynamics is aligned towards prolonging youthfulnessof the skin. Over the years, the segment has moved at great speed with highly skilled aestheticians offering enhancement procedures imaginable to the Indian audience. We showcase few of the top aestheticians and the claimed popular procedures.

We interview celebeirty hairstylists and begin by presenting Rolando Sáez. A celebrity hairstylist from Spain, he visualises beauty as a global concept, which is linked to hair and make-up. His work is characterised by innovation and unique techniques which he uses from the beginning to the end of the process.

Luciana Sabariz, the second generation hairstylist, is further adding to the legacy of Sabariz Hairtists. With 40 years of history, the salon has a recognised professional standard in its artistic and didactic approach in a world that interconnects and changes at an ever-increasing pace. She shares her thoughts through her hair collection titled Emotionis – a mesmerising photo-essay depicting our emotions and feelings. On the homefront, we have Mallika Pirani, Founder and Creative Director of VANNILLA Salon in Mumbai. She was not looking for a career in the salon business. From being a Science graduate to taking up a diploma in hairdressing, Mallika’s journey has been full of surprises.

We feature Shaan Muttathil, a well-known celebrity make-up artist. Topping his class at a beauty school gave Shaan the confidence to take up make-up artistry as a career. Today, as one of Bollywood’s favourite celebrity make-up artist, he has worked with A-listers like Jacqueline Fernandez, Chitrangdha Singh, Esha Gupta, and Shraddha Kapoor. He is also a trendsetter on social media with his Instagram and YouTube tutorials. Ojas Rajani, the celebrity make-up artist, freely endorses Dermacol Makeup Cover, a foundation, which is effective to camouflage any skin concern, as it can hide even tattoos!

Brands such as Moroccanoil and Freewill have changed the game of hair care in India. In its eighth year, Moroccanoil shares the views of the topmost stylists in Mumbai on its most-loved product. Freewill has customised its hair products to suit an individual. All one needs to do is answer 120 questions on their website and voila! in a few days, one will receive a product with ingredients that suit one’s hair type with their name on it!

In the spa section, we feature Bouri Spa at ShivAdya Resort & Spa near Manali, and share the views of Rajat Rialch, Founder of Rakkh Resort near Dharamshala, on Baanka Spa and the industry at large. All this and more in this issue. Keep liking and sharing on social media – our handles are: Instagram @saloninternational_ind and Facebook @saloninternationalindia.