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Salon International – April 2020

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The April 2020 issue of Salon International-India is delightfully different! Now, what could it possibly have as the content from across the fraternity of professional brands, artists, and salon owners is wholesome, and the design is dynamic? There is always a learning and it is possible to improve. Salon International-India has hence moved with the times and keeping the safety and health measures of our stakeholders, we have adapted the print issue to suit the digital world. Salon International-India, the magazine for youth with a 360° take on the business of beauty and wellness, is now available in a û ipbook format. The link is super light and can be viewed on your mobile, iPad and laptop!

First the sudden implementation of the lockdown and then the work from home dictat has for one, left me disoriented. It is unbelievable how Coronvirus, the pandemic, has life-threatening powers of engulú ng the whole world. Who would have thought in the beginning of the year that in April, human beings across the world would be ‘locked’ down in their own homes for an uncertain, indeú nite period. It is very surreal.

Industries and businesses have come to a grinding halt and are seriously impacted due to the lockdown in India. There are croresworth of losses the government is bearing because of this temporary shutdown but, at least the residents of the entire nation are safe. As one celebrity has succinctly put ‘When there is life, there is hope’.
Without life, hope does not stand a chance. It is true that all is not lost, the food-grocery segment, which falls in the essential goods services category, is up and running. Be it kirana stores, e-com platforms or online delivery, business is taking place and people are in no way inconvenienced. The retail beauty sector also views the current situation of buyers being at home as an opportunity for growth but, what about salons and derma centres? They are facing a major hit.
There is no other way of softening the blow. Salon owners, brands and artists are all dependent on clients hence, the cycle will start only once the lockdown is opened. In the meantime, stakeholders are suitably employed either acing their individual games by way of practicing on mannequins or talking about the industry and the current issues on several social media platforms.

Our û ipbook has the ‘In Focus’ section which highlights the novel ways of learning and teaching for the millennial student who wants to learn but, as per the latest methods available globally. Experts from academies share their insights. Amy Gaudie, an international celebrity hairdresser, owner and Creative Director of Urban Chic Salon in Fresno, California, shares her professional journey with us. On the home front, Niti Gandhi, an independent and well-known makeup artist and hairstylist, reveals her passion for the craft. Aurelian Lis, Global CEO, Dermalogica talks about face mapping in skin care. All this and more, in the April e-mag.
Hope springs eternal and I am certain that soon we all will be back to business. What’s more, we may even need to extend the working hours of beauty and wellness establishments.

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