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Images Business Of Fashion – July 2021

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Dear All,
Denim has been through several demand peaks and troughs over the decades. While temporary trends may have displaced it now and then asa defining fashion category, Denim, however, looks set to be a timeless wardrobe essential worldwide. Denim as a category in itself is a legend.

The Indian denim market is exhibiting continuous growth over the years. With new technologies, trends and higher market reach, this sector has promising growth potential. Even in rural areas, denim is becoming highly fashionable with most men and teenage girls opting denim wear over traditional outfits.

The July 2021 issue of IMAGES Business of Fashion dives into the fascinating workings of a fashion classic, and explores its newest adaptations and innovations as brands work toexpand their consumer bases, while wowing their primary target — Millennials and Gen Zs.

The edition will throw more light on how brands and retailers are managing massive demand disruptions especially after the lockdown. The sudden and frequent lockdowns have been a massive challenge for the retailers. Product innovation, along with creating more efficient business operations, supply chain and cost optimisation, omnichannel strategies have been the key tasks for the industry currently.

Further, Millennials and Gen Z consumers have taken the sustainable fashion movement forward by being ecologically conscious. The new generation looks for fashion that is sustainable, fair and circular without limiting the preference to latest trends and denim has always been at the forefront of it. For the denim category, this is one of the biggest challenges and therefore brands have come out with suitable innovations to meet this expectation. The July edition talks about it all.

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