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Images Business Of Fashion November 2017

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Winter is hands down the most fashionable season. It is so much easier to be fashionable during the winters – outer-up, mix and match, layer it up or creatively improvise! Winters nowadays are also full of color – the brighter they are, the warmer they look. Best of all, winters can also help one shapeup. Skinny people can size up and overweight people can hide their bulges so much better with winter clothing.

Personally, I love winters and I look forward to this time of the year when I get to work on my favourite brands of suits, jackets, sweatshirts, et all. And like every time, the entire Images BoF team, had a splendid time giving shape to the dedicated stories on the various winter wear sub-categories in India— jackets, suits, sweatshirts, sweaters, thermals, and shawls. It was quite educative to say the least. I was especially surprised to see the growth of the suits in India. Suits were either an entitlement of the business babus , or a strict wedding occasion wear, back in the day. But it seems, things have drastically changed now, as evinced by most of the brand which are a part of the issue, even tuxedos are highly in demand now in India. Overall, the winterwear wear market is evolving and growing at an exponential rate as a result of lifestyle shifts in our people. What was just a necessity based market till a few years has now morphed into a very lucrative segment.

In the lead research, Technopak reflects on the growth factors, sub-categories and recent innovations in this segment brimming with retail opportunities.

am also very grateful to Ingene Insights, who have collaborated with us to share insights on how fashion in this upcoming autumn-winter season will be quite experimental, personal and outrageous. This is followed by an exclusive feature by Meher Castelino on the innovative new adoption of leather and wool in Indian fashion, and a candid chat with veteran designer Ashish Soni, who reminisces on his 25-year journey in the fashion industry. Plus, we turn the spotlight on some of the biggest winterwear brands of our times including Jack & Jones, Monte Carlo, Shingora, Woodland, Celio, Park Avenue, Corneliani, Gap, and many more. Also rising is the trend of bespoke suits. We have been successful in talking to some of the most prestigious brands to delve into its finer nuances of this sphere, and will be sharing that story with you in the next issue.

And finally, we have a special feature on the Raymond Group, without which, in my opinion, no Indian winter fashion issue could be complete. In an exclusive story, we outline the iconic brand’s history, achievements and competence in worsted wool and highlight what it takes to be a global leader.


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