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Dear readers,

Innerwear is out of the closet and is taking giant strides towards become a very vibrant and exclusive fashion category in India. It was a long run and it did take its time, but the clandestine aff air that it was, especially women’s innerwear, is now an anachronistic anecdote. Today, sheen straps have begun to sneak curious glimpses from racer backs, and colorful thongs now gleam above svelte waistlines marking liberation from the traditional basics retail hegemony. Innerwear has fi nally stepped out of the veil and is righteously a fashion statement in India now.

The innerwear industry in India is amongst the most lucrative segments in apparel fashion for brands, retailers and investors alike. The rapid evolution of the category has led to branching out of several sub-categories, which now are settings standards on their own. Also, a slew of international and young and dynamic national brands have impinged on the arena, marking the anointing of a phenomenal trend that has compelled the entire industry to spruce up product off erings in terms of both aesthetic and qualitative value as well as innovation. This had led to an increased popularity and demand of innerwear as a whole and has result is an increase in the importance of the category amongst retailers of all sizes and kinds. Thus, innerwear is fast emerging as a category that Indian retailers must watch much more closely.

Personally, I have a very special connect with the innerwear issue. Every year, as we work on this issue, the progress of the market never amazes me. As you can read in the Technopak research story in this issue, the innerwear category, currently estimated to be worth INR 28,781 crore, accounted for 10 percent of the total apparel market in 2017. The women’s segment dominates the innerwear industry in India and is estimated to grow at an impressive CAGR of 12 percent over the next decade in contrast to the men’s segment that is plotted to grow at a CAGR of 7 percent.

Apart from innerwear market sizing, segment defi nition, and discussion on key market trends of the sector in totality, the issue also features indepth insight on various other the sub-categories that this segment has spawned in the recent years.

Considering the pace at which the innerwear industry is progressing in India, we tried to put focus on the sunrise segments and key innovations and loved it. I hope you love going through the issue too.




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