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Dear Friends

A very happy new year and welcome to the very first issue of 2018. The mist of GST and the dust of demonetization has settled by now and I sincerely hope that this year turns out to be very prosperous for the fashion industry and for all its stakeholders.

As we do every year, we are pleased to present before you the 2018 edition of the annual Brands in India special issue of IMAGES Business of Fashion.

In fashion, creativity and business go together. While we showcase the best of brands, we also ponder upon the art of creating a brand. How does one turn a piece of garment into a composite entity that seemingly represents a whole range of emotions? Also, while creating a brand is ephemeral, the business attached to it is endlessly complex. In the following pages, we showcase a slew of young and rising upstarts as well as established stalwarts – both home grown and from across the world – who are in the process of creating a brand or have already successfully created one.

This special edition is a key part of our mission to catalyze fashion retail business in India. The issue helps in aiding retailers with a survey that catalogues fashion brands, their collections and their current status in the markets. It also elucidates upon the brand identity and consumer cores they satisfy to help Indian fashion retailers choose from them and thus build a highly profi table business around them. It traces and presents dominant as well as emerging brands that are leading the latest defi nition of fashion.

As the featured brands introduce themselves to retailers, suppliers and associates. I hope that other brands also fi nd the success stories of their peers inspiring.

In addition, the issue also encompasses two features wherein eminent fashion columnist Meher Castelino details the steady transformation of the shirt as a wardrobe staple for both men and woman.

Shaswati Sengupta, CEO, Ingene Insights Consultancy outlines the trends and styles that are expected to dominate in Spring Summer 2018. We also present SS 2019 textile and ingredient trends from the iconic Milano Unica.

This and lots more!!
I hope you fi nd the issue meaningful.

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