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Dear friends,
Welcome to summer! It’s time again for the lightweight looks, and the easy, breezy fashion. In short it’s time for knitwear!

As a tradition, knitting is thousands of years old.

Even in modern times, some form of knitwear evolved and spawned a new fashion category in every decade, till about the 80s—when its adulation showed slight signs of fading. But after that phase, the evolution of traditional knitwear really paced up and gained popularity. The market was bombarded with unfathomable options, that were more detailed, stylish, easier to care for, and above all – were pocket friendly as well. More recently, knitting has seen continued innovation. Developments in knitting, and advanced treatments such as digital printing, glossy foil prints, inkjet printing, fl ocking, and burn-outs have heated up the market. The segment got a further boost as the world was swept by the casualization trend.

Even in India, which was traditionally always strong in wovens, knitwear already is a huge `68,932 crores market and is expected to grow at a promising growth rate of 9 percent over the next decade to reach `1,61,700 crores by 2027.

In this issue of IMAGES BoF, in addition to detailed dedicated articles that span defi ning and sizing the market, prevailing trends, threats and opportunities in the major segments of knitwear including t-shirts, innerwear, winter wear, leggings, sleep & lounge wear, knitted bottoms, etc.; we also present the perspectives of veteran retailers and distributors about this fast growing segment.

Additionally, we also look at some of the most prominent brands across all the sub-segments within knitwear. Silvia Tallon from Reebok also spells out how the modern fi tness mantra has provided a major thrust to the knitwear industry in India.

As part of our agenda for FY-18-19, we also debut a new section that highlights fashion innovation— right from showcasing unique start ups, novel VM concepts, to interesting technological applications in fashion businesses in India. This issue showcases Raymond Mini TRS, xPlusDernier Cri and Sygnal as the fi rst three brands to grace this section. Also to foster the era of superior service for customers in India, in this issue, are reports on three prominent Consumer Experience Forum sessions of IFF 2018. This includes insights from global leaders WGSN.

I hope you enjoy reading the issue !!!



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