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Images Business Of Fashion February 2019

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Dear readers,
The kidswear industry is booming around the world. What used to be just functional outfi ts a few years ago are now a variety of modish cuts, colors, styles, patterns and even designer tags – and with good reason. While the sector was just non-existent till a few years ago especially in India, it has now embossed itself as the most propitious segment of the Indian fashion industry – with even a dedicated annual fashion show to its name.

I personally believe that this transition from passive to demanding was inevitable.
As a developing country, India has myriad advantages — right from a promising economic outlook to a growing kids population. Hence, it’s only natural that as financial stability and purchasing power of modern parents grew over the last decades, a long-awaited shift from need based to aspiration based shopping manifested, resulting in a boost hitherto irrelevant to the Indian kidswear industry

Modern parents exhibit a considerable brand awareness and inclination towards high quality apparel products for their kids. This has even trickled down to the kids as well, who have now emerged as a new, independent buyer group altogether.

And with kids graduating into consumers earlier than before, brands now increasingly want to shimmy up to them, producing hitherto unseen growth opportunities for all players across the sector – right from brand owners, suppliers, to distributors and retailers.

In its February issue, IMAGES Business of Fashion takes an indepth look at the rapidly evolving ecosystem of the kidswear segment in the country, which is spinning off new brands and attracting global fashion behemoths and designers alike with each passing year.

The issue also features a potpourri of market analyses of the various sub-segment of kidswear fashion including kids’ denim and infant wear categories, and the rapidly growing online market of kidswear – all in an attempt to give you all an exhaustive idea of the innovations, development, trends and opportunities that can potentially take your business to the next level.

Happy reading!

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