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As this season’s trade shows end, we are sure the industry is looking positively towards a great Fall/ Winter 17-18 season, with all expansion plans in place. This the August 2017 issue is an Innerwear Special, and innerwear is a category that Indian retailers must watch much more closely.

Our research shows that the innerwear market is growing at a CAGR of 9.7 percent which is higher than the average rate of growth of the overall apparel business. Indians are clearly spending more on innerwear than ever before. This category has evolved from a basic commodity to comfort, fashion and even designer wear; and it is these value-added categories that are showing the maximum interest and expansion.

There is seemingly an endless array of innovation and experimentation in the category. Issues of privacy and reach have been tackled efficiently by the growth of e-retail. Players today operate with extreme sensitivity and discretion. The advent of global brands has also catalyzed the development of superior products and service standards in India. commerce.

Considering the massive evolution of the category and how this has led to the branching out of several sub-categories meant that creating a meaningful innerwear issue was a challenging task. Apart from the innerwear market sizing, segment definition, and discussion on key market trends of the sector in totality, we also delve deeper in many other ways.

You will, therefore, also find in this issue independent articles focused on men’s, women’s and kid’s innerwear; and how innerwear is operating on-line in India. As well as an array of articles on several emerging sub-categories and allied categories—shape wear, sleep and lounge-wear, yoga wear, beachwear, thermals, socks, etc. Each one of these articles explores the major drivers of each sub-category, their target segments, presents the top running trends, and what the future holds for that segment.

In the Fashion Creation section Manohar Samuel, President – Marketing, Grasim Industries Ltd., explains the criticality of great ingredients in innerwear. Veteran fashion columnist Meher Castelino reviews the trendy innerwear being introduced by the designers and the new vistas it explores today. We also report on other celeb trends. The Fashion Business section showcases recent brand launches and extensions, acquisitions, and key store openings. All this and more. We hope you enjoy going through the issue.

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