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Images Business Of Fashion September 2018

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Big fat Indian weddings, and festivals – the two things that are the essence of India. The latter were timed with sowing and harvests, the two most important dates in the agrarian economy that was India. With the growing infl uence of the Western culture, more festivals and occasions were added to the Indian calendar – occasions that the populace celebrated in style. And where there was celebration, there was the need to shop and dress up.

A growing awareness of global fashion trends has been fueled by Internet penetration and the fashion and lifestyle media. With growing awareness, a growing middle class and its rising disposable income, the occasion wear market in India has witnessed aggressive growth.

Today, customers are shopping for fashion specifi cally for birthdays and anniversaries – of others as well as their own, events and parties – for work and home, weddings, festivals and occasions – be they in the family or community based.

The boom in shopping has acted as a powerful stimulant for fashion consumption in India. In the September special on Occasion Wear in India, IMAGES Business of Fashion delves deep into the shift in customer preferences and their growing inclination towards occasion specifi c fashion enthusiasm across geographies. The issue focuses on this rising segment of Indian fashion retail, tracking brands which have become the leaders in this category. The issue brings readers insightful articles – complete with trends – on how these retailers cater to the growing occasion wear consumer segment.

The September edition brings to light the technological and product innovations brands and retailers are using to lure in consumers and tap this market teeming with immense opportunities.

The issue features extensive insights on ethnic, fusion, and western occasion wear. Studies on bespoke as well as fashion accessories, footwear and precious wearables are also merited as all these categories have witness an unprecedented spike in sales during occasions in India.

This issue would be incomplete without the expertise of eminent fashion columnist Meher Castelino and her editorial contribution, as well as the research analysis by Technopak – a trusted advisor for over two decades on a broad range of business organizations such as Retail.

The issue also features an exclusive interview with Sharad Venkta, Managing Director & CEO, Toonz India Pvt Ltd, on the kids occasion wear segment in the country, their expansion plans and marketing module. All this and more in the pages that follow. The team had a challenging and informative time making this issue and we hope you enjoy reading it.


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