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International Women’s Day on March 8th is the time to reflect on progress made, to call for change, and to celebrate acts of leadership and determination by pioneering women who have played an extraordinary role in lighting the road ahead for other women in the country. We have dedicated this issue to honour the many ‘wonder woman’ who have made their mark on diff erent areas of the fashion sphere gallantly over the years. And while we know a lot about their brands, labels, awards, collaborations, collections, etc., it was more important to delve deeper into their uniquely feminine aspects and the belief systems that these women fi rmly believe to have been instrumental in propelling them to achieve the colossal stand that they enjoy today. We have a long and illustrious list of 33 of these women on board, right from Neeta Lulla, Rina Dhaka, Ritu Beri, to Nina Lekhi, Apeksha Patel, Shruti Behal and Swati Saraf, sharing with us their respective journeys, motivations and inspiration. As they open on the role of women in the fashion industry, gems from their journeys, the barriers they overcame, and the qualities intrinsic to become a successful woman entrepreneur, their words and wisdom, I am sure, will go miles in inspiring the next generation of women trendsetters in the fashion industry.

So as not to the let the men feel left behind, (pun intended) this month’s issue also carries forward the second edition of Meet the Masters — a singular feature we initiated last year that turns the spotlight on the visions and thoughts of the fashion leaders of the nation. The Indian fashion retail sector is prophesied for great days ahead. It is our conviction that it is our greatest fashion stars who will take a lead in not only steering the market to not just this predicted potential, but to even play a multiplier eff ect to make it scale even further heights. Carrying the legacy laid by the debut edition of this feature forward, we delve deep into the minds of the Titans, once again, and showcase insights into their innovative thinking, efforts and their vision for fashion in India.

The common thread in both the features is that they focus deeper into the thought set rather than the innovative retail strategies and high fashion creativity that we always focus on in the remaining 11 issues of the year. Consider this the “Soul” issue.

And, I guess it couldn’t have been better timed as the Indian Fashion industry huddles together at its very own mega-congregation – the India Fashion Forum (IFF) 2018, on the 13th and 14th of March 2018, at the Renaissance in Mumbai.

I hope you spend time with this issue and I look forward to seeing you at IFF’18!

God bless!

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