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Shopping Centre News June 2019

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Malls: From Retail Destinations to Family Entertainment Centres

In this era of connectivity and disruption, no mall can survive if it’s just a shopping haven. Shopping can be done online, e-commerce giving the evolved consumer a wide variety and absolute convenience. So why should people go to malls?
Shopping centre developers are working towards understanding the new consumer and studying his needs and consequently, rethinking their strategies. They are mindful of the fact that the new-age customer steps out of his house only in search of something new, of some form of entertainment. Hence, the birth of Family Entertainment Centres (FECs). Malls are shifting their stance from being just shopping centres to community hubs.
The urban horizon in India today is dotted with new entertainment destinations with retail just a part of their mix. These FECs have a very wholesome approach to pulling in visitors – give them entertainment options, unique dining out possibilities and throw in retail.
This winning formula has led malls in India of creating community spaces for the masses has led malls in India to dedicate approximately 30-35 percent of their total area to entertainment and F&B zones.
And the entertainment they’re providing is not just for kids, tweens and teens. There are separate entertainment sections for varied age groups, there are places the while family can visit, play areas for kids, gaming arcades for the tech-savvy, and the choicest of activity zones for those who prefer sports. Aside from this, there’s a whole host of food varieties and dining formats to choose from – food courts, kiosks and restaurants.
And the investment is paying off with people are thronging to malls in huge numbers, spending large amounts of money in FECs. The June edition of Shopping Centre News studies the growing culture of FECs in India and how the concept – which was, till just a few years ago, restricted only to Tier I cities is making inroads into smaller towns and cities as well. The issue brings you the salient features of popular gaming zones, arcades and entertainment centres in the country, what they bring to the mall, along with their growth strategies and expansion plans.
The edition also has a special feature on entertainment options malls in India have to offer during the scorching Indian summer months – options that will lure the consumer out of his house and into the mall. A feature on malls and the technology they use to provide the best in services to consumers as well as retailers rounds up this crisp issue.
As always, we hope you find the issue informative and valuable to your business. Do log on to our website, www.indiaretailing. com to read more useful articles and analyses on innovative trends and developments in the shopping centre industry on a global stage with emphasis on India.

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