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Shopping Centre News February-March – 2019

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The growth trajectory of the Indian Fashion Retail Industry is on an all-time high. With around 400 national and international fashion brands operating successfully in the Indian market, it is boom time for the sector. Be it Tier I, II & III cities, the Millennial population everywhere is becoming more fashion conscious and is all about new trends in fashion, buying both offline and online.

This, as well as the snow-balling popularity of social media, has opened unprecedented retail opportunities for the fashion industry. And mall developers in India have been quick to take advantage. They are increasingly allotting more and more space to fashion brands, which in turn are aggressively expanding across the country. Western wear brands, including fast fashion and casual wear, are also becoming more and more popular, expanding rapidly due to increasing consumer demand.

The cover story of Shopping Centre News, February- March 2019, ‘Fashion Retail: The Money Spinner in Malls’ explores the workings of the fashion retail community within the larger setting of the Indian mall. In keeping with our upcoming flagship event, India Fashion Forum 2019, being held on March 27-28 in Mumbai, we delve deep into why fashion is the largest and by far the most profitable category for Indian malls. The story examines why the ‘fashion floor’ is the most important floor for malls, how much revenue it generates, and how much space and status malls accord to the fashion segment.

The feature also brings to the readers, the inside view, gleaned from in-depth interviews with mall heads and developers, while studying change in consumer income and demographic profile and the role of technological innovations, cultural shifts, social media and brand endorsements play in the growing standing of fashion retail within malls.

We hope to find this issue well informed and beneficial as always. We also look forward to seeing you in large numbers at IFF 2019 being held at Hotel Renaissance, Mumbai. Do log on to our website, www.indiaretailing.
com and www.indiafashionforum.into read more informative articles and analyses on innovative trends, developments happening on the stage of the global retail and shopping centre industry with an emphasis on India.

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