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Salon International – July 2017

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The monsoon season is upon us! Grey, rain-filled clouds make us eloquent, but this year, tax matters have gained precedence, as the historical tax reform, GST, which is likely to turn our country’s economy around, has come into effect. Whether we like it or not, it is true that India is notorious for its complex tax system. GST is replacing the current complex structure of multiple indirect taxes in favour of a single tax system. A destination-based tax, in the ensuing pages, we share views from stakeholders on the implications, GST is likely to trigger in our business of beauty and wellness.

The men’s grooming market in India is growing at an expeditious rate where men are seeking products to help them look young and well-groomed. Men in the age group of 18 to 25 are breaking beauty norms in their choices and depicting an increasingly youth- obsessed culture in India. Some of the factors driving this change are global exposure, social awareness, rapid urbanisation, and increased per capita income. Euromonitor International’s report states that in India, per se, men’s grooming has continued to register a robust performance in 2016, increasing by 10 per cent in current value terms due to an increased focus on looks and appearance by urban consumers. Taking a cue, we present an insight into the evolving trends in the men’s grooming industry.

In the hair section, we meet French hairstylist, Nadia Bouchiki, who has overcome challenges that life has thrown at her to make a mark in the industry. Bouchiki is trained in the ‘Pivot Point’ method of hairstyling in France and shares her journey and passion for the craft with us. On the homefront, we have Yiami Tungshang, the Senior Hairstylist with Savio John Pereira Salon, at the Sofitel Mumbai BKC. He is a young and dynamic hair prodigy who believes that networking skills and being social media savvy are mandatory to carve a niche. He shares his views on the industry with us, along with a sneak peek into the hair trends for the season. UK-based hair maestro, Asgar Saboo shares tips on bridal hairdos in an easy step-by-step guide.

In the beauty section, we interview celebrity artist, Meghna Butani, who began her career by assisting make-up artists post college and today, is a rare combination of being a master at hair and make-up both. She scores quality of work and team over money, when it comes to taking up an assignment.

In the spa section, we present the Woo Wellness Spa and Salon, located at the Pullman Hotel Aerocity, Delhi. The spa incorporates the essence of traditional Indian décor amidst modern architecture. The spa offers a plethora of innovative therapies along with traditional Ayurvedic forms of wellness. Dr Darshana Sawale, Spa Manager, Conrad Spa at Conrad Hotel Pune shares her views on the spa and wellness industry in Asia, brand USP, future plans, and more.

All this and more in this issue of July. May your burdens be light, and your coffee strong!



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