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Salon International – June 2016

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How does one define a relative word like success? The popular definition of being successful is one, who has global fame and boundless fortune, rules his territory like an emperor, commands respect and with his immense power, has the capacity to lay down the law and change lives less fortunate.

In our cover story, we explore this angle with the members of our beauty and wellness industry. They have been in the business since decades and are ruling it like kings and queens. Not only have they managed to turn their fortunes around, but on the dint of their hard work and merit, have uplifted a section of society that would have otherwise perished. We salute their acute business sense and more than that, the compassion and kindness with which they have nurtured the industry to reach a level that is at par with international standards. Meet Nalini Naegamvala, Shahnaz Husain, Asha Hariharan, C K Kumarvel, Savio John Pereira, Kapil Sharma, Placid Braganza, Shailesh Moolya, Dr Deepali Bhardwaj and more, who are thespians of the industry and hardly need any introduction. In the ensuing pages, we encourage you to imbibe their success mantras that are sure to work like a talisman.

We meet Gjoko Shkreli, global celebrity hairstylist, who runs a super successful salon in New York City. Known for his eccentric vision and passion for hair, Shkreli has for over 30 years been an influential figure of talent and technique. He began his career by spreading his technique and fashion sense as a platform artist. As a member of Intercoiffure, the world’s leading elite beauty organisation, he has done impressive work. The trait that adds to his personality is what he says – “My favourite role yet, is in the salon with my customers.” He considers his everyday clients to be ‘movie stars’ and as important as any celebrity.

Luke Joyce, International Barber and Art Director at Truefitt & Hill, London, has kept the art of classic and traditional barbering alive. Joyce has his hands full with mentoring the stylists at Truefitt & Hill along with freelancing for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Barbershop, Harrods, to name a few. He shares his journey with us.

Jack Howard, the renowned international hair colourist at Paul Edmonds in London, introduced balayage colouring technique to the UK. Howard caters to a long list of A-class clients and has launched the successful The Brunette Bar campaign in association with L’Oréal Professionnel.

On the home front, we showcase the skills and dedication of Anuj Singh, Spa Manager at ESPA, The Leela Palace, Chennai, who shares his views on the wellness industry, the brand and their future plans. In make-up and beauty, we have Shreya Chaddha, independent make-up artist, who has persevered to reach where she has after overcoming several challenges. She shares her victorious journey with us, which will undoubtedly, be a motivation for aspirants to enter the field of make-up

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