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Salon International – December 2019

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As the year draws to an end, the beauty and wellness industry of India is on the threshold of change. While it has already come a long way, at the turn of the year, there is a perceptible desire amongst the stakeholders to not only offer innovative services and products, but to also take the quality of their business up by several notches. Top of the line brands like Shahnaz Husain, Revlon Professional, Luxliss, KT Professional, Sleek Wax, RK’s Aroma, Streax Professional and Rene Furterer share their business propositions and goals for 2020. They also throw light on the innovations and new products added in their product portfolio.

In the Hair section, we present Laurent Legal, who along with his partner Eric Sammartano is working wonders on lady clients. He has been working since the age of 14 and nothing brings him more joy that the smiles of his customers! A die-hard fan of the hair business, he shares hs journey with us. On the homefront, we bring to youKanta Motwani, Curator of Kromakay Salon in Mumbai. With a career spanning three decades and a chain of salons she recollects days ofher first job with Nalini & Yasmin. She shares pearls of wisdom and hopes for the industry. Varun Attri, a 24 year-old salon owner has a career graph that reads like a dream. This salon manager turned creative director turned young entrepreneur believes in blending hard work with smart work as his recipe to success.

In the Beauty section, we showcase Richa Agarwal, the powerhouse of perfection! A make-up artist by education and also the owner of Chandigarh-based Cleopatra Spa and Salon chains, she grabs every opportunity to learn and stay updated. She is a celebrated name inthe industry and an honorary member of several associations from the beauty and wellness industry, she shares her thoughts. It is the season to shine and what is an occasion without some glittery eyeliner?

Make-up maestros share different trends and techniques of the latest fad of coloured and glittery eyeliners. Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals presents a range of six deeply nourishing and hydrating moisturisers designed to restore moisture in all types of skin. Youthfulness is highly coveted, and people undergo varied treatments to achieve it. Also, several new and innovative products and procedures are being launched. For the current season, hydrating facials has become the new thing and skin experts, salon owners and brands share insights. Dr Ashish Dhadas, a Varicose Veins expert, shares light on the procedure of Cryo Laser and Cryo Sclerotherapy (CLaCS) which is a Brazilian treatment for Spider Veins and small Varicose Veins.

In Spa Focus, we feature Arogya Spa in Hyatt Regency, Pune. The architecture of the spa is a harmonious combination of contemporary and local nuances. In Wellness View, we feature Neeraj Gupta, Founder, Panambi Resorts and Spa in Rishikesh, who shares his views on the spa and wellness industry and his plan to open a new spa.

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