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Progressive Grocer – October 2020

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As the world resumes its slow pivot from the Coronavirus catastrophe to recovery and the reopening of economies, it is evident that the pandemic has had profound impact on consumer behavior. Among other changes, the crisis proved to be a major jolt that completely overhauled consumer perspective towards health & wellness.
This, in turn, has completely overhauled the way they shop, cook and eat. The last few months have seen consumers taking a more proactive approach to healthier eating and exercising more — for maintaining health and immune resiliency. Consumers are now inclined more than ever towards wholesome and healthy food products that promise vitamins, minerals and other healthy immunity boosting ingredients. Industry sentinels believe this surge in sales will sustain even after the current pandemic has abated.

In the October edition of Progressive Grocer, we take a look at the opportunities that this trend presents to brands, retailers and grocers in the Indian food and grocery segment. Right from outlining consumption trends, bestselling products & categories to highlighting invaluable insights from the leaders of this space, this issue of Progressive Grocer will prove to be an indispensable guidebook in preparing your contingency plan for the near future.

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