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Images Retail – June 2019

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Supply chain, logistics and warehousing play an indispensable role in the transportation of goods across the country. It is one of the most important constituent, cost-eff ective resources which defines the economy and GDP of the country. It is the fulcrum for procurement, manufacturing and distribution services which collectively build robust economies.

Gone are the days when warehouses were dark and dingy, and the transport system entirely depended on drivers, roads and seasons. Today, with the help of technology and digitalisation, the industry has been totally revamped. With robotics, temperature controlled multi-story smart warehouses, assisted by Big data, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Logistics, self-driving vehicles, 3D printing, anticipatory shipping and drones, the industry has – to an extent – everything it needs to serve retailers and customers in a highlyadvanced manner.

The June 2019 issue of IMAGES Retail delves on the Indian logistics, supply chain and warehousing industry, which is growing and prospering, largely because of the flourishing retail and e-commerce sectors in the country. The complete package includes research, exclusive interviews and analytical sessions in both fashion and the food industry.

A special ‘My Thoughts’ section carries the views of Rubal Jain, Managing Director, Safexpress who writes on the trends and contribution of his company to the industry. There is also an exclusive on top trends transforming the global logistics & supply chain industry.

Aside from this, the June edition also brings to its readers a roundup of IMAGES’ flagship fashion retail event, India Fashion Forum 2019, featuring sessions on the logistics and supply chain where experts share their experiences on the implementation of digitalisation in the logistics and supply chain segment.

As always, we hope you find the issue informed and beneficial.