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Images Retail – July 2021

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Much has been told, a lot of lessons learnt, now we have already absorbed the nuances of the new normal and are all set to embark the changes. Moving forward, omnichannel retail seems to be the most obvious way of staying relevant and on-track within the retail sphere. Technology adaptation is the most obvious way forward and brands and retailers are adapting to the change faster than before. More than technology, the plan or strategy to adapt to the omnichannel ways of doing business is important and it starts from identifying the right touch points to plugging in the perfect ? t technology in order to make the brand easily accessible for the customers. Signi? cantly, omnichannel has a varied meaning for each brand/retailer and the approach to omnichannel also alters across domains. What makes omnichannel a homogenous concept is the end result, which everyone wants to achieve via their omnichannel journey.

Easy discovery of products at multiple touchpoints, doorstep deliveries via a seamless last-mile ful? lment, a uniform connectivity between varied touchpoints, and smooth inventory management are some of the primary asks that brands/retailers wishes to achieve with their omnichannel transformation.

In the July issue of IMAGES Retail, we exclusively bring to you some technology innovations and cover the reality of automation in retail, along with the success stories of retailers turning the omniway. With heart-to-heart conversations, we also try to unfold the new ideas and business plans the new-age retailers are cracking to get closer to their customers. Why them, the traditional retailers are bending it around too and we uncover their brush with technology as well.

A recent survey conducted by the Euromonitor International highlights that 72 per cent of retail professionals (surveyed) owned that COVID-19 accelerated their company’s digital transformation by at least a year. Keeping this as a passing thought, it is easier to understand that technology is going to drive retail in the months to come.