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Images Retail – July 2020

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The Novel Coronavirus outbreak has hastened the transformation of the global retail industry like never before. COVID-19 has led to a shutdown of retail worldwide, proving to be one of the biggest disruptors the industry has ever seen, catapulting the sector into adopting new technologies.
With a phased re-opening being set into motion in the fourth phase of the lockdown, the Indian Retail Industry is gearing up to adopt new technology, innovative ideas and social distancing measures. With the help of technology, which erstwhile served the purpose of convenience, the retailers are opting for ‘No Contact Commerce’ as the new medium to welcome back consumers and allay the fear of contracting the disease.
The June 2020 e-issue of IMAGES Retail brings to its readers what brands and retailers are doing to welcome back consumers in a safe and hygienic environment – how they are streamlining their products and off erings to adjust to the new ‘no-touch’ normal with the implementation of ‘contactless commerce’.
In this Digital Edition, we bring our readers research, reports, analysis, opinions, roadmaps, recommendations, and solutions from retail experts globally and India.
However, tech implementation is one of the few positives that the pandemic has brought with it. The COVID-ian era has brought the retail industry face to face with one of its toughest challenges yet – losses and closure. With many business drowning in losses and many others facing bankruptcy, millions of retail employees have been laid off or furloughed. There have been cases of pay cuts, no salary, work without salary, bankruptcy etc. making the situation very adverse. The June edition features an opinion about the current job crisis in the industry and will also be discussing the road ahead.
Do log on to our website www.indiaretailing.com for more on the current crisis. We hope to keep bringing you relevant content to help preserve your organisations in these trying times.