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Images Retail – August 2022

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Powering Retail for the Times Ahead
Speed, convenience, seamless transactions, and above all, enhanced user experience are the primary pillars of customer service. As we step into the future of retail,t he phygital world promises unimaginable experiences for the customers and consumers alike. Celebrating the power and the depth of phygital retail in this issue of Images Retail, we spoke to CEO’s and different leaders all across retail and its diverse segments to understand how the concept is spanning out for each different companies/brands/retailers.

While we are set to talk in-depth and discuss the pivots of phygital revolution across retail in India and ‘Bharat’ at PRC 2022, we wanted to give our readers a sneak peek into our esteemed spaaker lin-ups and other glimpses of the event in this specially curated PRC Special issue. When uncovering the phygital story in retail we try to capture the growth story of ‘Bharat’ or the other side of India which is actually pushing the consumer story forward, under the spotlight. This is the India that is rising to shine brighter & brighter to create newer business opportunities. And this is the time to study, analyse and closely look for ways to serve the country to stand strong with the times ahead.