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Images Business Of Fashion – October 2019

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Dear all,
From shirts, trousers, denim to skirts and dresses, western wear is ruling fashion senses across the globe. Even in India, this comfortable fashion segment enjoys unparalleled popularity and is today, a staple in wardrobes across the country, irrespective of gender and age.

The roots of western wear in India can be traced to the British era. Yet till the 1990s, it was somewhat limited to the elites, professionals and office goers. The decades following the 90s are touted to be the era when Indians adopted more westernized concepts in fashion, making bold and stylish choices.

In recent years, rapid globalisation, enlarged brand awareness, growth of disposable income and expansion of apparel e-retailing have led to surge in demand for western wear. Increase in youth population and fashion consciousness among consumers is further fuelling this market’s growth.

India’s leading management consulting firm Technopak Advisors reveals in the lead research how western wear constitutes the biggest segment in the Indian fashion retail industry. Estimated at Rs 1,33,246 crores in 2018, the segment accounts for approximately 93 percent of the total fashion market in India. Yet, there is hardly any research documentation on the segment in its entirety.

In this fi rst of its kind issue on Western Wear, IMAGES Fashion Bureau maps the evolution of the category as a whole in India along with tracking the shift in customer preferences. In addition to this, there are dedicated features detailing the market size, prevailing trends and opportunities in the major segments of Western Wear. We have also outlined the perspective of veteran brands and retailers on this growing segment.

We had a challenging yet educative time making this issue and I sincerely hope that you like reading it! Cheers,

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