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Images Business Of Fashion – May 2022

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The summer season is here in full swing and has brought with it the hope of a fruitful period for the business of fashion retail in the country. In this issue we have thus laid focus on the casual wear market in India, a segment that has seen massive surge owing to factors such as increased spending power among consumers coupled with their desire to look good and dress well, a marked increase in the penetration of both international and domestic fashion brands in the market that has left the customer spoilt for choice, and the growth of e-commerce that has made fashion more accessible to the consumer.

And as this multitude of fashion brands aims for the discerning, perceptive customer’s attention, it strives to give to him the convenience of an omnichannel model that allows him to search for apparel, shop for it and maybe later return it if the purchase is unsatisfactory, as is convenient to him. But, in vying for their attention and with the tools of marketing available at their disposal, fashion brands must actually look to create differentiation for both the brand and the product, not merely what it portrays itself to be.

In the offlline space, too, fashion brands are looking at new ways to increase revenues. One practice that they see a bright future for is the collaboration between retailers and mall developers that has its own benefits. Many an expert believes that the coming together of the two to enhance the customer’s offline shopping experience has opened several doors for both. As always, I hope you find this issue insightful and beneficial.

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