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Images Business Of Fashion – January 2024

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Dear Readers,
These are transformative times for the business of fashion. Consumer behaviours, digitalisation, discounting impact, supply chain snags and sustainability demands are challenging us. The larger ecosystem has started terming the fashion business as “difficult”, whereas it was seen a couple of decades back as an area of immense opportunity delivering secular growth. As we rethink, reimagine and remodel our industry and become a great force again it’s time to shake off whathas- been and give life to the next Golden Age of Fashion Creation. It’s time to make the business of fashion great again with India Fashion Forum 2024 (IFF).

Launched in the year 2000, IFF, India’s biggest fashion intelligence event, is a powerful blend of conference sessions, workshops and master classes. Zoned exhibitions and industry awards mark IFF’s confluence of the biggest consumer trends, market intelligence and retail innovation in the business of fashion in India.

IFF is no longer just an event, it is a movement, Renowned for opening to packed houses with leaders, key stakeholders, experts and delegates, from across the fashion ecosystem gathering to discuss emerging trends including AI, seamless shopping experiences and the prospects of untapped Indian cities emerging as new markets and in generating new business opportunities in the dynamic fashion retail landscape of the country, IFF is the perfect destination to kick-start the necessary transformation of the fashion industry.

This event is a compelling calendar must-do for the whole industry and I look forward to seeing you all at India Fashion Forum 2024, helping us help the industry, helping us herald a new, sustainable era for Indian Fashion Retail.

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