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Images Business Of Fashion – January 2021

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I wish you all a very happy New Year!

2020 has been a very unusual year. Throughout the year, we all had been counting down the days to 2021 – hoping for a new year with new possibilities where the problems of 2020 will just fade away. It’s finally here and we can already see signs of recovery. Let’s all welcome 2021 with the hope that it turns out to be a defining year in fashion retailing. I also wish that this year turns out to be prosperous for all of you and your businesses.

I would also take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of you for supporting us and our cause even through the uncertainties that 2020 posed and I hope for your continued backing in the future as well.

Also, per tradition, we are pleased to start the new year with the annual Brands in India Special Issue of IMAGES Business of Fashion. As always, we have concentrated all our efforts in bringing before you some of the biggest stalwarts of the fashion industry in India — both homegrown and from across the world, as well as a few young and rising stars.

As a key part of our mission to catalyze the fashion retail business in India, the Brands in India Special issue seeks to aid retailers with a survey that catalogues fashion brands, their collections as well as current status in the markets.
Apart from elucidating upon the brand identities and consumer cores that helped these entities build a highly profitable business around them, we have also highlighted how they have been successful in coming up with new ideas and innovations to convert the crisis into an opportunity. We hope that the visions of these retail moguls help in giving new directions to your businesses as well as succeed in inspiring the next generation of brands and leaders in the Indian fashion industry.

We sincerely hope that you like reading the issue and find it useful. For FAQs pertaining to shift in market dynamics, consumer sentiments and on all things related to fashion retail, do log on to our website, https://www.indiaretailing.com/. Wishing you a very successful year ahead, Cheers!!

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