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Images Business Of Fashion – February 2021

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Dear everyone,

2021 is already showing glimmers of hope. As the rate of new infections registers a sharp dip over the last few months, the Indian economy has begun to show signs of recovery. With the nationwide vaccine roll out in place, consumer confidence and demand is set to grow at a rapid pace in the months to come.

The recovery is set to further get a boost from the progressive and growth-oriented Union Budget 2021-22 announced by the Government of India. The Budget has especially been beneficial for the textile industry. It has laid a strong foundation for the future growth of the textiles and clothing industry in India. In line with the Centre’s efforts to position India as a fully integrated, globally competitive manufacturing and exporting hub for the textile sector, the Government has proposed a slew of schemes that are expected to attract investments and boost employment generation.

In this issue, we take a deep look at how the Budget of 2021 is expected to make India a competitive manufacturing and exporting hub for textiles. Industry experts from across the sector share their views on the opportunities that the Budget presents to all players of this sector to fuel post-pandemic recovery.

Moreover, this issue also takes a look at how fashion senses are rapidly gravitating towards comfortable apparel as homes have become hubs of work, play, and rest. Over the last few months categories like casual wear, loungewear, athleisure, nightwear, etc., have become fashion essentials. Also, the ‘Work From Home’ – and ‘Study From Home’ – cultures have also compelled consumers to thoughtfully curate a home environment that’s comfortable to work and study in, adding to a renewed demand in categories like home office furniture and home décor.

The issue outlines the growth and market dynamics of these segments and outlines the opportunities that they present to all businesses. We also showcase a slew of industry veterans who elucidate on the trends that are expected to pan out beyond the next few months.

I hope you enjoy reading the issue. For FAQs about shift in market dynamics, consumer sentiments, and on all things related to fashion retail, do log on to our website, https://www.indiaretailing.com/. Cheers!!



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