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Images Business Of Fashion – December 2021

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The curtains may be closing on year 2021, but it has given us much to learn from and implement. The one-of-a-kind mix of challenges and opportunities that the year presented have made fashion businesses re-look at operations, making them more cost-efficient, and helped in eliminating wastage of both time and manpower. Powered by technology, India’s fashion industry is raring to enter the next year more experienced and better equipped to handle adversities.

In this issue, we get you a mix of invigorating discussions among industry experts on what matters in today’s world of fashion. Each of these deliberations, hosted at the Phygital Retail Convention in Mumbai earlier, bring out key insights on the industry. The knowledgesharing sessions delve on subjects such as the realignment of retail business in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and how agility & technology will rule the roost in times to come. These experts also help us understand the power of pleasing the customer in the postpandemic world, where fulfilment of orders will be a key differentiator.

Furthermore, we look at year 2021 in retrospect, ascertaining the impact of challenges that it brought in its wake and how Indian fashion brands overcame the setbacks and sought opportunities where none pointedly existed. And, as we evaluate trends that picked pace and are likely to carry on into the future, we realise that true sustainability is a reality that we must take seriously. Greenwashing and claims of being eco-friendly are now things of the past; consumers are increasingly on the lookout for brands that match their eco-conscious sensibilities, and brands must now take a step beyond making mere claims of being sustainable and work to positively impact the environment while eliminating all negatives to the best of their ability. A mammoth task at hand, true sustainability requires better collaboration between companies and their partners, and also brands and consumers. The bigger picture, however, must always be crystal clear! Ending on that optimistic note, we wish you a very happy new year! As always, we do hope you find the issue informed and beneficial, and promise you of more such stimulating issues in 2022.

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