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Innerwear as a fashion category has certainly come of age in India. And it is now marketed, innovated upon and retailed like any outerwear fashion category — with product differentiation, digital science, marketing differentiation quite strongly at play.

Innerwear as an informed, conscious fashion choice owes much to digital evolution and rapidly growing customer awareness, for sure.
No longer hesitant in expressing their opinions on a category that forms an essential part of their wardrobe, women — and men — are seeking to discover, explore and experiment with intimates as well. Innerwear, finally, is out of the closet and is taking giant strides to becoming an exclusive fashion category in India.

The evolution is apparent in both the market and the consumer. While the consumer righteously considers innerwear as a fashion statement today, the market too has emancipated itself from its unorganised retail hegemony. The innerwear industry is now amongst the most lucrative segments in apparel fashion for brands, retailers and investors alike. The rapid transformation of the category has led it to branch out into several sub-categories, with each of them setting standards on their own now. Also, a slew of international, young and dynamic national brands has impinged on the arena, ushering in a phenomenal trend that has compelled the entire industry to spruce up offerings both in terms of products as well as experiences.

This has led to an increased popularity and demand of quality innerwear. It has not only spawned fast growing D2C, omnichannel brands but has also resulted in an increase in the importance of the category amongst retailers of all sizes and kinds. This innerwear special issue features in-depth insights on the category, trends, innovations and technologies that this segment has generated in recent years.
As always, we hope you find the issue informed and beneficial.

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