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FoodService India November-December 2017

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India’s Food & Beverage industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Unlike a few years ago, when dining out was more of an occasion-based activity, people and families are eating out more often today as a matter of convenience. Eating out has become a part of the present day culture, especially in the metros, mini-metros and Tier I cities. This trend is being driven by the rise in income and increasing numbers of nuclear families and working women/ men.

As the trend of dining out on a regular basis gathers momentum, having a distinct value proposition – in terms of food customization, nouvelle cuisines, safe and healthier food offerings, ingredients and the pricing of dishes – is becoming increasingly critical. People are demanding and favoring increased customization of food! They are willing to experiment with the novelties in cuisines and combinations. Consumers love dishes that offer diversity in taste, style and origins.

To cater to this growing trend, F&B players are crafting recipes to suit the flavors and palates of their customers. Chefs are innovating to the extent of personalized plating, live kitchens and even food-on-the-go. Indian F&B counters have an array of exciting and delightful choices to offer their customers. The blending of cuisines, like Italian with Thai, is another evolved trend fast catching in vogue. At the same time, restaurants, which focused solely on food, are now adding and expanding their beverage offerings. This has boosted the development of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at both the product and retail levels.

Going ahead and into the new year, we can expect to see a more pronounced shift towards customer engagement with the dining spaces and a further elevation in the country’s foodservice industry benchmarks. The months ahead will see us enter another exciting period of big learnings about the Indian food market.

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