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FoodService India November-December 2016

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Change is the order of the day, especially so in the food service industry where new tastes and preferences of consumers are a regular pheomenon.

To be able to respond to these changes in a befitting manner, India’s food service space is leaning on creativity and innovation so as to make the dining experience more interesting and enjoyable. Restaurant operators are constantly looking for unique ways to entice and retain customers.

The Indian market has evolved beyond defined boundaries. Both established players and new entrants are creating niche dining experiences as they encourage opportunities for customer engagement, and enhance their culinary experience by blending in art, music, culture, and fine decor, and thereby creating their own unique product positioning.

On their part, consumers are welcoming and exploring specialised food experiences; they are looking for experimentation and exposure to unique concepts. The differentiating factor could be the menu, the ambience, style, novelty, or service.

For these evolved consumers, eating out is an indulgence and an enjoyable experience. Not surprising then that the country is seeing a fresh crop of thematic and specialty restaurants, cafes, lounges and bars that are offering new menus with unusual dishes, food fusions, and cuisines from across the world.

Alongside this, music, sports, live entertainment, stand-up comedy, karoke, etc, is bringing in the value proposition for them – both in terms of brand-building and business. It goes without saying that the ability to ideate, innovate, and execute the consumer’s craving has always been and will continue to be a game changer – and a key success quotient.

In this issue, we present new trends in the casual and premium casual dining space, viz, emerging formats, store concepts, and cuisines.

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