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FoodService India March-April 2016

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In recent years, we have seen the emergence of new food trends transforming foodservice and shaking up consumers’ expectations everywhere. Trends might be difficult to spot early on. But sooner than later, businesses glom on to the new currents sweeping in. They identify and understand those forces because it is in the nature of businesses to keep in step with the evolving consumer demand. Nimble businesses are quick to adapt and capitalise on the trends lest the forces of change shift the ground beneath their feet.

Today, we are seeing many new trends knocking on the doors of foodservice business. With health and environmental concerns becoming more widespread, locally sourced vegetable and fruits have become a norm and many chefs and restaurateurs are taking to it with a new- found passion. While on the one hand, it’s more cost and time effective for restaurants to develop their own produce, on the other plucking and using fresh produce in the dishes gives guests a whole new dining experience, which is more engaging.

If fusion was the fad until a few years ago, the concept of progressive cuisine is now fast taking hold. Using modern culinary techniques, latest technologies and cutting-edge styles of presentation, progressive cuisine aims to showcase foods from around the world in a contemporary manner for an increasing number of new-age diners looking for out-of-the-box concepts and something that breaks the monotony of home dining. New international cuisines such as Vietnemese, Cambodian, Mexican and Lebanese are already witnessing a surge in popularity and the trend is likely to continue and gather pace in the years to come. Also, with diners becoming more adventurous and ready to experiment in order to find newer and finer flavours, use of many international ingredients in Indian dishes and many Indian spices / ingredients in international favourites are pushing the traditional culinary boundaries further.

There are quite a few other trends in the making, which will push foodservice into charting new waters and taking on many novel dimensions. I am sure that going ahead, the foodservice industry will become a hotbed for product innovation by tapping into consumers’ desires for new experiences, personalisation, and health.



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