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FoodService India January-February 2017

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The advent of a new year raises optimism and hope. It makes us look forward to a bright new future marked by new achievements, goals and milestones. The sentiment is contagious and more pronounced in the foodservice industry, the flag bearer of good cheer and conviviality. Understandably, the industry is looking to herald new beginnings and build on its past achievements.

The year gone by saw the food industry evolve further on many fronts. For one, technology saw greater adoption by restaurants, QSRs, cafés, pubs and lounges. Newer, edgier and cutting edge retail formats popped up, elbowing out tired themes. We also saw a surge in demand for new cuisines, concepts and food innovations. The trends will gather even greater momentum in the days ahead with a plethora of new age dishes, haute cuisines and even bolder and imaginative food concepts ready to spring.

At the forefront of this great culinary celebration will be the phalanx of forward thinking, avant garde chefs looking to launch fresh nouvelle cuisines that can get the taste buds slavering. Joining in this grand culinary odyssey will be a raft of new blue chip kitchen equipment, accessories and exotic ingredients. So expect to see more new recipes being conjured, more classic recipes getting a dust off, old menus being reincarnated in newer avatars, kitchens getting a facelift, more cookery shows on TV channels, chefs moving the creativity needle further and restaurateurs scrambling for newbie ideas that can turn their ventures into the proverbial Pied Piper.

To give you the real pulse of the food service industry in India and the many profound changes shaping its contours, leading HoReCa professionals from the country and abroad will gather at the upcoming Indian Food Service Forum, from 31st January to 2nd February in Mumbai. It will be interesting to hear them out on how they are leveraging industry trends across various formats and price points. Besides the Forum also gives you a chance to check out on new products and the latest technology solutions by experts, and meet potential business partners.


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