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Shopping Centre News – September 2020

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A New Beginning: Omnichannelisation of Shopping Malls in India

The rapid spike in the number of COVID-19 cases in India has led experts to an obvious conclusion – it will take at least another retail quarter, if not more, for the effect of the pandemic to be wiped clean on the shopping centre industry in the country, and even then, the aftereffects will linger on. As a result, malls in the country will need to stay on their toes for at least another financial year to bring in business and increase footfalls. Despite the losses though, the industry has founda ray of hope to cling on to – digital innovations, technologies and opportunities. Malls today are focusing on transforming into Omnichannelunits in the hopes of attracting more consumers and setting the cash registers ringing.

The idea of designing a cohesive user experience at all touchpoints today is a necessity for all shopping malls and no mall wants to take this lightly. With the idea of doing away with an outdated tenant-mix model, many mall owners are today proactively adapting properties to generate growth in an Omnichannel retailing context. They are moving away from the traditional copy-and-paste mall model by creating memorable and unique destinations that attract both tenants and shoppers.

The September 2020 issue of ‘Shopping Centre
News’ delves deep into the ‘Omnichannelisation of Shopping Malls in India’, on how difficult thepandemic has made the situation for Indian mall developers – especially those in Tier II & III cities – and how it is steering them towards adopting modern techniques of retailing.
The cover story analyses what malls are doing to make the consumer’s journey more convenient,safe and organised. As the festival season nears in India, the magazine brings you coverage on what malls are doing to prepare themselves for the season in terms of décor, while adhering to COVID norms.
As always, we hope you find the issue informative and useful. Log on to our website https://www.indiaretailing.com/category/ shoppingcentre/ for more features, analysis and expert opinions.

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