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Shopping Centre News – March 2022

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100 Edition of Shopping Centre News

With its March 2022 edition, Shopping Centre News has reached a historic milestone- 100th edition. Truly a notable milestone and it gives us a chance to look back with a lot of pride to see how far we have come in all these years touching new heights at every juncture. It has been a truly humbling experience and the journey we have traversed so far actually motivates us to look ahead with a lot of hope.

In 2008, Shopping Centre News was incepted with a vision that was far reaching, to create a magazine that is a knowledge resource centre which collects, analyses and disseminates information on the Indian shopping centre industry in all aspects of operations.

Over the years, Shopping Centre News Magazine has more than hit the mark. Today, it seeks to build and inspire a body of focused research into the architecture and design aspects of shopping centres. It also aims to encourage the development of sophisticated management paradigms and maintenance methods, keeping in context global benchmarks. Finally, it aims to be a bridge between shopping centre developers and the retail community to help forge mutually profitable relationships. The magazine aims to create new narratives of success at every juncture by unearthing stories and business insights.

In this special 100th edition of Shopping Centre News, we bring an annual roundup 2020-21, of how shopping centres have evolved and progressed in the challenging period of the pandemic. Lockdown, night curfews, restrictions, shutdowns & reopening, along with the three waves of the pandemic, the shopping mall industry saw it all and are yet back on its feet and are aiming for new heights, going forward. We tell you how mall owners are responding to the mushrooming consumerism in India, responding to the evolving consumer demands with a combination of value-added services, technology innovation and a sound marketing strategy.

We also bring an analysis of how fashion retail in malls has made a huge comeback after a dry spell of one year. With offices reopening and marriage gathering restrictions lifted, different segments in fashion retail are once again doing good business.

As always, we hope you find this issue informed and beneficial. Log on to our website https://www.indiaretailing.com/category/shoppingcentre/ for more features, analysis and expert opinions.

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