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Shopping Centre News February-March 2016

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Shopping centres / malls cannot aff ord to miss celebrating any of the festivities – be it those that call for national celebrati on or the ones that are region specific. But do these ac vi es and events lead to driving in foo alls? In the cover story of February-March issue of SCN, We spoke with leading mall developers and retail real estate professionals to learn more on this aspect.

Malls have created their own unique measures to combat the pragmatic competion that has arised because of growth of e-commerce in the country. While e-commerce is touted to grow many-fold and bets big on its proposition of convenience and deep discounting, the malls on the other hand has the power of creating virtual delight for their patrons. The out-of-the-box idea seems to have clicked well with malls and both malls and their retail tenants are creating USPs to keep the mall visitors hooked. Be it the festival theme marke ng ac vi es that the malls are doing– to creating uniqueness in the design aspect– to making their malls ‘entertainment’ first. Malls are creating weekend bazaar or fl ea markets, this is to give the unique theme based experience to the mall visitors. In the constant chase to win customers, the new-age malls with ample courtyard space are trying to figure out new strategies and re-invent the wheel. In this issue of SCN we have paid an ode to these new age Indian malls those who have reinvented themselves and have emerged more successful rather than succumbing to the onslaught brought by the ‘e’commerce.

Apart from the intriguing cover story on how events, initiative and mall promotional activities are helping the malls to stay at the top of the game. In this issue, we also have a special focused story on the retail realty analysis for the year that went by and the trend forecast for the year that is ahead of us. In this feature story, we have spo ed early signs of trends that will shape the future of mall industry in the next few years.

With these insightful and thought-provoking stories, we hope that you find this issue of Shopping Centre News useful and informative. We will try and churn out more interesting and innovative articles in the forthcoming issues of the magazine.



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