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Salon International – November 2016

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Centuries ago, Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, had said that change is the only constant. This holds true for all aspects of life; our minds and attitudes, personalities and views are always in a state of flux. What is more – even the seasons undergo change, signalling us to bid adieu to one and welcome the other. While some changes may not be comfortable to deal with initially, hope lies in the fact that they will be only positive

With this as a backgrounder, our cover story revolves around the movement in the hair industry. It was not long before professional salons were accustomed to using consumer brands when it came to hair styling tools. Today, the market in the country has matured by leaps and bounds, where many professional international brands have forayed into this category. However, there is a dearth of homegrown brands that are especially designed to suit the needs of an Indian hair stylist. For colour application products, there was always a presence of a couple of international brands, but then this category has warmed up to welcoming quite a few homegrown brands. We feature brand heads who talk about their products in the category of tools and accessories and they surprise us by saying that the Indian stylist is gradually changing and is ready to invest in quality products rather than compromising on poor quality though inexpensive options

There are interviews of famous hair stylists, such as Jamies Stevens, who is the five-time nominee for Best Hair Dresser of The Year at BHA, runs two salons in the UK and has successfully launched his own product line titled Mr. Jamie Stevens. Johanna Cree Brown, celebrity hair stylist with a penchant for creating avant-garde looks, has a keen eye for perfection and the ability to showcase the switch in seasons, from Spring to Autumn. In an awe-inspiring photo essay, we bring to you her collection. Gunjan Gaur, Executive Director with ALPS Cosmetic Clinics shares with us her journey and the contribution she has made to the growth of the brand. Roshan Sequeira, celebrity hair stylist and owner of Rosh & Roy Salon in Bangalore, shares his journey and the creation of his salon. Gagandeep Arora, Owner of Gagandeep Arora – Hair Education & Studio in Pune shares glimpses of his pas

In Beauty, we meet up with Prasenjit Biswas, an independent make- up artist, who shares make-up tips, techniques and lessons learnt with you. From brand-related stories to technical – there is plenty of interesting articles for you to browse through.

In the Spa Focus section, we bring you the design dynamics of Aristo Spa & Salon in Pune. Planned around a contemporary and modern theme, it is a clean urban space where one leaves behind worries to soak up the amazing massages offered. We also meet up with Ritesh Mastipuram, Founder and Managing Director of O2 Spa, who has revolutionised the wellness industry by launching spas across the country in varying formats. He shares with his plans with us.

There is so much more in this issue!

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