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Salon International – December 2018

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In the new age of beauty and wellness, looking good and leaving a positive impression are of utmost importance for the young and old, alike. Some are blessed with good looks, while others have to make an effort. Gone are the days when resorting to products and procedures to beautify yourself was looked down upon. What was a social taboo in the past has taken the shape of social pressure, now. Consumers want to go to any extent to put their best face forward.

The moment we talk about ‘face’, the importance of a beautiful smile cannot be stressed upon enough. Cosmetic dentistry has made great strides over the past couple of years. Thanks to modern technology, patients have options galore to gain a beautiful smile in a short amountof time. Teeth whitening, veneers and dental implants are cutting edge procedures that are defining a new era in dentistry. While, the global market of cosmetic dentistry is expected to reach US$22,363 million by 2020, the quality of such aesthetic treatments in India, too, is at par with the world, while the cost is one tenth or lesser than that in Europe andNorth America. Cited as one of the reasons for a sharp rise in dental tourism, we speak with stakeholders in the realm of cosmetic dentistry and image makeovers, who share that a pleasant smile and healthy dentures play a key role in enhancing one’s overall personality.

In the Hair section, we have Gonzalo Zarauza, a Spanish hairdresser and Founder of Centro Beta hair school, who is a passionate educator with decades of experience. He plans to visit India soon and explore the industry. International hairdresser, Amy Gaudie showcases her latest collection, He. She. Me, in a visually eclectic photo essay to depict the latest trends and techniques in hair. On the homefront we meet Siddhesh A Shinde, a Mumbai-based hairdresser and Owner of Elite Salon. Extremely talented and an inspiration to many, Shinde shares his journey and future plans with us. Leading hair professionals, Hardik Malde and Vipul Chudasama share expert tips on holiday hairstyles.

In Beauty, we interview Priyancka Jaiin, Kolkata-based make-up artist and Owner of The Himalayan Spa Family Salon and Boutique in Gangtok and Invogue by Priyancka Salon in Kolkata. She has her eyes set firmly on launching an academy and her make-up brand soon. Dr Viral Desai, Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon, DHI India and CPLSS shares his views on Scalp Micro Pigmentation, as a trending aesthetic procedure. Founders of Gulnare Skincare, Shonali Bedi, Surya Uday Bedi, Karishma Bedi and Bharti Singh Rao, share their views on the skin care industry in India, brand USP, future plans, and more.

In Spa Focus, we present the visual grandeur of Anara Spa at Grand Hyatt Kaua’i Resort & Spa in Hawaii. The spa is designed in classic Hawaiian-style architecture featuring open courtyards and lush gardens. Bussayawan Chanchai, Spa Manager at The Rayavadee Spa in Krabi, Thailand, reveals the importance of detailed discussions with guests, to understand the requirement and offer benefits in totality. Director of Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa, Vibha Khanna Rastogi throws light on the requisites of a luxury spa.

All this and more in the December issue. As we ring out 2018, we wish you a sparkling 2019. Till we meet again…

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