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Salon International – December 2016

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Atlas, a strong character in Greek mythology, is shown to hold the earth and the sky on his able shoulders. His strength was such that it was said that even the Gods were weary of him and did not mock him. This analogy holds true for our hair and beauty industry as well. Atlas, for us, are all the hair dressers and make-up artists, who ably carry the weight of the industry on their shoulders and keep moving forward to only herald a bright and prosperous future for the industry.

With this as a backgrounder, our cover story is on the top recommendations made by stalwarts in hair dressing and make- up, who share with us the innovative hair and make-up looks to sport for year-end festivities. Be it wedding or parties, the unique offerings made are eye-openers and pearls of wisdom for others to emulate. Asha Hariharan, Agnes Chen, Sidney Ho, Taniyaa Khanna, amongst others, are experts to reckon with and with the information they have shared, you just cannot go wrong.

There are interviews of famous hair stylists, such as Lynndy Rolfe, who is an educator and hair stylist with FHA. Nikki Porter, celebrity hair stylist with a penchant for creating amazing looks, shares an awe-inspiring photo essay. We bring to you her collection. Menaka Ramkumar, Owner of Frizz Da Salon & Academy in Chennai shares with us her journey and the contribution she has made to the growth of the brand. Sanchita Arora, member of the MATRIX Design Team and owner of the Beauty Hub Salon & Academy in Ludhiana talks about Hair Strobing and more.

In Beauty, we meet up with Rebecca Restrepo, who is inspired by the vivid colours of her family’s Colombian heritage and her favourite painters. In 2012 was named Elizabeth Arden’s Global Makeup Artist. With us, she shares her skills and learning

In the Spa Focus section, we bring you the design dynamics of Rejuve, The Spa located at The Lalit in Chandigarh. High on luxury, the spa has been planned around a contemporary and modern theme. We also meet up with Dolly Taldar, Spa Head at Sohum Spa in Ramada Resorts & Spa Udaipur. She shares her plans with us.

There is so much more – from brand-related stories to technical – there is plenty of interesting articles for you to browse through!

The last issue of the year, hope springs eternal and for every member of the industry, I wish 2016 to end on a positive note.

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