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Progressive Grocer September 2016

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Come October and the retail industry in India goes into a celebratory overdrive. Starting with the festival of Dussehra and Diwali and through New Year, it is the time when maximum purchasing and gifting takes place by consumers and corporates. There is higher footfall in stores and thus more sales opportunity, which revs up almost 20-40 per cent during the festival season. It is the reason why retailers, manufacturers and brands consider this period to be the best time to go in for new launches and offerings.

This strategy of launching new products pays as even consumers expect something new to come up and are searching for newer and more innovative options. Brands and manufacturers launch attractive gift packs especially designed to appeal to the festive mood of consumers. More often than not the payback proves beneficial for both the producer and consumer. Consumers get more options and choices and the manufacturer gets the benefit of placement of the product.

Brands utilize this opportunity for making inroads into the customer’s heart through effective messaging, new products and innovative packaging. This approach not only allows companies to boost their sales, but it also helps brands to maximize visibility. The gift packs are a great way to increase sales and packaging bumps the offtake of FMCG products.

In this special 9th Anniversary issue of the magazine, we have put together the distilled essence of tagetted product packaging, advertising and instore promotions across food, grocery and FMCG categories this festive season. Read and enjoy!

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