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Progressive Grocer – October 2022

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The festive season in India heralds a boom time for all retail players. But this festive season, the first to be celebrated away from the long shadow of the pandemic after two years, the game for retailers has changed profoundly from what it was earlier. The past two years saw huge swathes of consumers embrace online shopping and those customers could still prefer staying away from the grind of in-store walk-ins.

However, even online retailers can no longer rest on the security of a large base of existing customers. Those customers could easily move to another outlet offering a better, more trustworthy experience. In a nutshell, both online and offline players need to keep up with customer expectations, competitors’ capabilities, and technological developments to maximize their advantages and profit margins.

In this October issue of the magazine (pages 14-23), we bring you learnings from retail experts on how retailers can up their game this festive season with targeted advertising, promotions, and other innovations to attract and retain customers.

The issue also features a list of Progressive Grocer’s Favorite 50+ Most Admired Food Stores of India (pages 28-93). Not all the stores listed are the biggest, the fanciest, or even the most unique, but they all have that special something that takes them to the leader-board. For Progressive Grocer, these stores exemplify attributes that would make every community want to have such stores in their backyard.

The information on the food stores has been compiled from primary and secondary sources, including information from their websites, public and private sources, as well as independent research with the aim to generate a reliable thumb-sketch profile of the stores. Read and enjoy!

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