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Progressive Grocer – October 2021

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Talent has always mattered in retail, but today it matters more than ever and in more ways than ever. Credit the blistering pace of change that has accelerated throughout the world of grocery to the point where words such as “innovation,” “disruption” and “transformation” are now a familiar part of the industry’s vocabulary.

This dynamic environment requires that companies employ talented leaders with diverse skill sets to manage familiar as well as a growing number of new types of challenges. The Food & Grocery industry needs next-generation leaders possessing a set of traits that makes them an innovator, disruptor or difference-maker having an impact on their organization, the industry and colleagues.

Though it is hard to describe if someone possesses that ‘it’ factor, leaders of tomorrow should possess a combination of the following traits: A high level of commitment to a career in the food retailing industry and the communities their companies serve. They should be capable of innovative thinking and an ability to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities to serve shoppers more effectively. They should have the ability to inspire others through actions, accomplishments, leadership and vision.

Individuals bestowed with the above qualities will prove capable of moving their companies, communities and the industry forward in a future of further change and emerging opportunities.

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