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Progressive Grocer – May 2024

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All FMCG brands aim for market penetration but listing fees in modern trade is a significant barrier for new brands. It forces them to consider the trade-off between securing prime placement in stores and allocating resources for brand building and consumer engagement. Our story Shelf Wars and the Battle for Aisles (pages 22-31) offers great insights from a cross-section of retail experts on the impact and implications of listing fees on FMCG brands and suppliers.

Stepping from modern trade retail formats into the future of small-town retail in India is to traverse very different journeys and business models. One small format retailer that is upending the business and economics of smalltown retailing is SuperK. Launched in 2019, this supermarket chain has swiftly etched its mark on the retail map with a current count of 127 stores across 80 Tier III & IV towns in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Read how SuperK has introduced a fresh paradigm to retail dynamics in India’s tier 3 towns and beyond (pages 82-89).

Meanwhile, in Bangalore, another retailer has emerged as the premier destination for organic offerings. With 17 stores under its belt, The Organic World offers the widest range of chemical- and preservative-free groceries under one roof – 3000+ SKUs that meet all the monthly consumption needs of a family. Not surprising that it has risen to become India’s largest multistore retailer for organic and natural groceries. (pages 34-43)

With summer at its peak in many parts of India, beverages are having their moment under the sun. Our category spotlight on beverages (pages 48-81) brings up an in-depth coverage exploring market sizing, analysis, and the supermarket play of all primary beverage segments. Enjoy the issue packed with great features and compelling narratives to engage you.

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