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Progressive Grocer May 2019

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Grocers can improve sales and the customer experience by honing their digital offerings. Cameras on digital signage can evaluate demographics or even mood, Today’s technology can generate digital signage content or mobile offers based on factors like weather. If the temperature in your area goes above 40 degrees Celsius, a shopper might be informed about cool beverages and drinks. If you’re in a deep freeze, it may trigger a promotion for coffee or hot chocolate. Smart technologies supported by a robust network marry the in-store experience seamlessly to the digital realm.

Examples include beacon technology that connects a person’s mobile device with a brand’s loyalty program; custom templates that can be changed based on customer flow, seasonality, and time of day; and the use of cameras to help analyze age, sex, and mood of shoppers to likewise present these shoppers with offers specific to their interests. Through the use of videos, stunning imagery, as well as accompanying product information, customers have a richer encounter with offerings.

Today’s curious shopper craves information to make purchasing decisions: digital signage can offer recipes, customer reviews/ favorites, sourcing information, QR codes for capturing that link to even more content either in store or at home. As grocers and markets are increasingly becoming an experiential food destination, digital signage, including menu boards, encourages shoppers to embrace the store as a casual dining destination.

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