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Progressive Grocer March 2018

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Over the years, we have seen a steady expansion of food and grocery retail in India. Many under-penetrated and nascent food categories have witnessed a surge in demand. Products and brands today jostle for space on supermarket shelves and vie for a share of the consumer wallet. The market is increasingly becoming crowded and at the same time competition keeps ratcheting up for the players involved. Th e stakes are naturally high and only the best products and the most credible brands will win in the long run.

To be on the right side of the market and consumers, brands and retailers are now moving concertedly to work together around a mutually beneficial relationship. Th ere are many reasons for brands and retailers to join forces as partnerships can be a highly eff ective way to build businesses. It allows for both partners to leverage each other’s strength, amplify the messaging to reach new and broader audiences, compete in new markets, off er unique competitive advantages in their own markets, gain new distribution and create a bigger impression than one would on their own.

In this issue, we bring you an exclusive feature showcasing some exemplary partnerships between brands and retailers. Th e cases exemplify stunning success stories of collaboration in building new consumption/ product categories or transforming a traditional category with innovation. Read the cases to fi nd out how the alliances were made, the manner in which the plans were executed and the payoff s that eventually came the way of collaborating brands and retailers.

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