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Progressive Grocer – June 2021

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Grocery store workers have been on the front lines of a global crisis for over a year. So, the industry now has a better idea of how they’re feeling about their jobs when it comes to support and training.

A majority of grocery workers experienced a shift in their job tasks during the pandemic. While many had their jobs or roles changed, most workers received no training for their new responsibilities given the pandemicconditions on the ground.

In light of these facts, there might be only a small proportion of the workforce who still feel satisfied or, at minimum, somewhat satisfied working with their employers. Among the newly hired workers, levels of satisfaction with the training and support provided during COVID-19 is likely to fall short of the expectations.

Given the low levels of workers’ satisfaction, few workers are likely to recommend their employer as a place to work even though most trust theircapacity to do their jobs even with a lack of training.

However, in a consumer-facing industry such as retail, employer’s training program is an invaluable tool in teaching staff to handle new things and situations and keeping their efficiency and motivation levels high.

Retailers should not overlook their training regimen for employees. The time devoted to training could lead to key improvements across nearly all retailing metrics. It could change the retailer’s overall industry rating besides improve communication across all departments and, most importantly, make employees ready to respond to and handle any future crisis.

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