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Progressive Grocer June 2017

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The retail sector in India, both organised and unorganised, employs 40 million people, out of which nearly 85 per cent are front-end staff.The imminent entry of global marquee brands such as Apple and IKEA into single brand retail will present more opportunities for front-end jobs in shops and stores. Employment opportunities in retail will grow further if States adopt the Model Shops and Establishment Bill passed last year, which allows shops to remain open 24×7.

As the retail sector expands and grows, it is important for the industry to recruit the right kind of people and draw upon the best talent. Retailers should look for people who are good at organizing, managing the back-end, indenting for stocks, making reports, creating rosters at one end and simultaneously have endless energy to interact with customers at the front-end. Recruiting people with the right skills and aptitude for front-end jobs has far reaching implications for retail businesses. Sales personnel who are plain bored of their jobs or complete misfits in roles that demand presence and engagement can often be that critical under-performing link in stores.

Today, when customers increasingly have the option to buy online, brick and mortar retailers need to use the opportunity provided by the visit of the customer to their store as an opportunity to leave a positive influence on them to return again. To make this possible, it is important to consistently recruit people that can add value to their business and also ensure that they leave a positive impression on the customers they interact with.



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