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Progressive Grocer July 2018

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In the past couple of years, health-oriented snacking has gone mainstream in a big way. Better-for-you snacks made with whole grains and other healthful ingredients are being regularly introduced in the market. There are alternative chips made from beets, sweet potatoes and cassava to crispy vegetable snacks, made from green beans, soybeans and chickpeas. All of these are gaining in popularity thanks to their minimally processed/ maximum nutrition persona, besides offering a range of crunchy, salty, spicy and other flavors.

Consumers today are demanding more from their snacks making them become less and less the hunger-soothing bridge between formal meals and more of a valuable gastronomical event in their own right. While the iGeneration/ Millennials are drawn to organic snacks and products with added nutrition, (think protein, vitamins and fiber), and a variety of fl avors, even the older generations are getting acculturated on healthy snacking with the availability of a greater variety of types and brands of healthy snacks to consume depending on the occasion.

Our lead story in this issue of the magazine ‘What’s Feeding the Snacking Frenzy’ takes an in-depth look into the snacking sector while highlighting the innovations that retailers and manufacturers are introducing for fueling future growth in the segment. Turn on the pages to read all about the strategies that brands, marketers and retailers are going for to make snacks better connect with the consumers.

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