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Progressive Grocer – February 2023

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If the edge in retail business comes from acting on consumer insights, it is through collaboration that brands and retailers can conjure up innovative ways to win new sets of consumers, expand their customer base and capture a bigger slice of the market.

Our cover story in this issue Packing a one-two Punch (Pages 36-53) showcases 10 outstanding success stories of collaboration between FMCG brands and retailers. The stories exemplify how brands and retailers can create a winning playbook by leveraging on each other’s capabilities and resources.

Each of the 10 stories is a masterclass on brand-retailer partnership and how such collaborations can help each other to tap into new revenue streams, drive up sales, reduce costs, raise brand awareness and improve overall profitability.

Another fascinating story on collaboration highlights how farmers, retailers and the state government of Kerala have come together to spawn a widespread movement in organic farming and retailing. While the momentum began picking up in the early 2000s, a host of factors including government support for organic agriculture and a desire for more sustainable and environmentally friendly food options have galvanized many producers and retailers to jump on to the organic bandwagon.

In cities like Kannur, several new generations of farmers have moved away from traditional farming methods due to a lack of commercial support and crop failures and have embraced organic farming in recent years. Read the story (pages 20-25) to know how a new generation of entrepreneurs has taken to organic farming and retailing in Kannur, showing the way to transform their ventures into profitable business with enough potential to grow and scale up.

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