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Progressive Grocer February 2018

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Today, as brands – both home-grown and global – vie with each other for a larger share of the customer wallet against the backdrop of rising popularity of e-commerce, the challenges for the retail industry keep mounting by the day and are becoming even more complex. Retailers agree that the key to success in e-commerce or brick and mortar retail is in off ering amazing customer service. Th e signifi cance of this aspect of retailing will only grow more pronounced in times to come. Today, as competition in the industry keeps ratcheting up, focusing on customer touch points is becoming more and more critical for marketing success.

Retail operations includes many aspects such as store design, display management, customer service, staff management and inventory optimization. All of these combine to make a major part of our shopping experience. But the key to a store’s success depends on exemplary customer service. It helps stores increase their competitiveness and allows the little guys to compete against the big guys as well as also withstand the pressures arising from the growing infl uence of online retail.

In this issue, we bring you a mix of stories centred around the challenges faced by the food retail industry in India and the most potent solutions to iron out the wrinkles. Th e stories are based on intense discussions and deliberations at the 11th India Food Forum, held last month in Mumbai. Look up the stories and get up to speed with the evolving mechanics and dynamics shaping India’s food retail industry of today and its future Lokesh Arora, Vice President prospects going ahead.

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